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The PureLocal Business Directory advertise local Australian companies showcasing customer reviews , complaint resolutions , business details and social networks.

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1. How does Pure Local connect users to Australian businesses?

Pure Local connects users to Australian businesses through a search system that is customized for service categories, reviews, and locations. This means that users can easily find businesses based on the specific services they are looking for, read reviews from other customers, and locate businesses in their desired location. By prioritizing community feedback and customer reviews, Pure Local helps users discover and support Australian businesses that meet their needs.

2. How does Pure Local ensure the accuracy of its listings?

Pure Local maintains a rigorous process to verify and maintain the accuracy of all public listings. They employ a stringent screening process that includes thorough initial checks for compliance with established standards and guidelines. Additionally, they conduct continuous, systematic reviews to guarantee sustained accuracy and reliability. Pure Local also performs frequent checks to ensure that businesses listed are actively operating and meeting their standards. Listings of businesses that have ceased operations are promptly removed, and businesses resuming activities must undergo a thorough reinstatement process.

3. What circumstances may lead to the removal of a listing from Pure Local?

While Pure Local aims to be inclusive, there are certain circumstances that may necessitate the permanent removal of listings. These circumstances include involvement in spam activities, dissemination of misleading information, failure to complete the activation process, or an excessive volume of unresolved disputes and complaints. Pure Local takes these measures to ensure the integrity and reliability of their directory, providing users with accurate and trustworthy information about Australian businesses.

4. Can businesses submit their listings to Pure Local?

Yes, businesses can submit their listings to Pure Local. By submitting their listing, businesses can increase their online visibility and reach a wider audience. Pure Local provides a platform for businesses to showcase their services and connect with potential customers. However, it is important for businesses to ensure that they meet the established standards and guidelines set by Pure Local to maintain the accuracy and reliability of the directory.

5. How can users provide feedback or reviews on Pure Local?

Pure Local prioritizes community feedback and customer reviews to help users discover and support Australian businesses. Users can provide feedback and reviews on Pure Local by creating an account and logging in to their member profile. From there, they can search for the business they want to review and leave their feedback. By sharing their experiences and opinions, users contribute to the community and help others make informed decisions when choosing Australian businesses.

Some reasons to choose

Customized Search System

The company offers a search system that is customized for service categories, reviews, and locations. This allows users to easily find the specific businesses they are looking for.

Community Feedback and Customer Reviews

Pure Local prioritizes community feedback and customer reviews. This helps users discover and support Australian businesses based on the experiences and recommendations of others.

Thorough Manual Screening Process

All public listings within the Business Directory of Australia undergo a thorough manual screening process. This ensures that the directory maintains a high-quality standard and only includes legitimate businesses.

Compliance with Consumer Protection Laws

The directory fully complies with Australia's Competition and Consumer Act. This means that the company addresses inaccurate, defamatory, and libelous content and provides mediation tools to resolve disputes.

Security Measures for External Links

While the company monitors external links, they acknowledge potential risks when dealing with third-party websites. They recommend practicing due diligence by assessing the reputation, security measures, terms, and conditions of these websites.
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